National Geographic and the Art of Travel

National Geographics

Much knowledge of our world stemmed from the hundreds of National Geographic magazines collected since 1919 and stored at 1566 High Street.  Apart from the iconic advertisements that liberally adorned a pre 1970 NGG, looking at the photos and skimming the stories about exotic locations, would pass many a day.  A preference for the 1960s NGGs shaped the views of Rob’s America as he grew up.  So much so that when he and Matt travelled to the US in 2008, Rob packed the July 1964 edition which featured the famous “tunnel-thru-the-tree”, a Redwood tree so thick that a car could pass through it.  It must be said that the thrill of visiting the Redwoods on our way to San Francisco and driving the hired Dodge through the Redwood tree with the 1963 NGG reference at hand, extended only to Rob.

Drive thru Redwood

Drive thru Redwood

But don’t underestimate the power of the National Geographic magazine and its influence on this latest sojourn.  There is no electronic device that can substitute for a National Geographic map spread across the dining room table, finding exactly where that town, village or region sits in the context of something else.  There is no doubt the maps will find their way into Rob’s luggage, even if they were printed in the 60s and 70s.

Such is the power of those National Geographic magazines that they have secured a new resting home so that another generation can enjoy their magic, only to be faced by the same dilemma down the track  –   where the bloody hell do I store them?  [Gabby, talk to Ben!]

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2 Responses to National Geographic and the Art of Travel

  1. Gabby says:

    Rob, I would have shared your excitement of a drive thru redwood! That looks amazing!!

  2. Simon Le Plastrier says:

    Would love to have such a collection. Those maps are stunning – loved the ocean floor maps, to if it was to discover how deep some sections of the ocean are….

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