Chateau de Paquier, St Martin de Cluze

Bob and Anne were there to greet us at Grenoble after arriving on the very fast train from Paris which travelled 700ks in two and a half hours. The contrast to our own rail system is painful to ponder as the French, despite frequent strikes and cafe patronage, really know how to move people around – fast.

Le château de Pâquier is the very place you imagine the French artist or writer to seek inspiration during the day and then argue and debate ideas well into the night over a French wine.  In contrast to Paris, the silence is such that one is able to hear the bees buzzing away on the massive vine that covers the 15th/16th century Château.  Our two bedroom suite which overlooks the French Alps in the distance, is five times the size of our Paris accommodation only cheaper. Click on the photos for a better view.



Le château de Pâquier includes gastronomic feasts with four course meals served each night on the premises from all local produce; we are feeling truly blessed by this place.  Our first meal together is celebratory with Bob and Bob as they are affectionately known by their long suffering wives, sharing a joke or two, always at one another’s expense. At the height of our frivolity, it is Ellen who makes the most telling observation about her father’s French skills by pointing out that when he attempts to converse with the French, he actually speaks in English with a French accent.  This sad but truthful commentary about Rob is only topped by Anne’s observation that she overheard Bob refer to Rob as Darl.  This of course reflects a long friendship rather than anything untoward, and given they have not seen each other for a long time, a slight slip of the tongue, is expected.


Bob and Anne are travelling across Europe for 3 months and have become quite the seasoned travellers, so it is good to see them in their element, but we struggle to keep up with their cracking pace climbing mountain after mountain.  Some of us retreat to our extravagant accommodation and chill out.


down time


At our departure just before we all crammed into the Peugeot

At our departure just before we all crammed into the Peugeot

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