Rob experiences metal tube in the sky syndrome as they return – he is overwhelmingly content to touch down in Melbourne.

Leaving the airport, Rob and Vic choose to complete the journey by travelling by bus and train to home.

Chance encounter at the Spice Market with Joe, who was engaged in a spirited conversation about refugees.  His country of origin, Jordon, has taken in 500,000 displaced people, mainly from Syria, in the last year. Rob felt dispirited and embarrassed as he entered the conversation and spoke timidly about the policies of both sides of politics in his own country.

What is it with travel and elections? Last time Ellie was out of the country, she returned with Julia Gillard as Prime Minster.  This time, Ellie, Matt, Rob, Vic, Sue, Tara, Alysia, Victor, Caro, Ali and Ineke will all return to an Abbott Government. Gabby sensibly returns to India.

Rob reading The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson sees worrying psychopathic behavioural similarities with a number of current politicians.  His anxiety turns from metal tubes to the political landscape.

Rob and Vic experience the weird sensation of Ellie in Paris and Matt in New York, whilst we are here in Camberwell and look forward to reading their posts or viewing photographs!

There is nothing like your own bed and town for that matter!

Slowly coming back down to earth and already talking about our next trip and how we restructure work… this blog will live on!!

Art Imitating Art, The Centre Pompidou, Paris

 Manonseat3Manonseat2Man on seat

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